"There are times when the crew here at on TVonlineReviews feels conflicted about recommending this or that PBS documentary....Then, a documentary like tonight’s Forgotten Ellis Island comes along – a film so well made, so beautiful and so informative that we feel there’s nothing else for us to say, other than: Watch it." - TVonlineReview, 2/2/09

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Buy the book Forgotten Ellis Island (from

This companion book to the documentary film by producer and author Lorie Conway is rich in seldom seen photographs and personal stories about the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital.  This is the first film and book about the history of the hospital.

Save Ellis Island

This fundraising nonprofit works with the National Park Service to raise needed funds to rehabilitate, restore and put to beneficial reuse the currently deteriorated and unused buildings of Ellis Island. 

Christopher Barnes, photographer

Discover Chris Barnes' haunting portraits of the ruins at Ellis Island. 

Ellis Island Records

The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation offers web visitors the opportunity to look for the records of family members who passed through the immigration port.

Gil Talmi, composer

Explore the work of Emmy-nominated Gil Talmi, who composed the amazing musical score for Forgotten Ellis Island. 

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